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Fish Farming, Made Easy

Making it safe and easy for people and businesses to get fresh organic fish — without any antibiotics or mercury.

Meet Aquacubes “One”

"The FARM of the Future” - by going against conventional wisdom, we have designed a farm that delivers silent, eco-friendly electric operated without sacrificing on welfare and utility.

Each Aquacubes relieves the oceans from overfishing and gives you peace of mind and safety when eating fish.


Available 365 days

All-year-round harvest of fresh, non-frozen fish

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An experience second to none

Convenient. Consistent. Safe.

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A sustainable fish

Fully recirculating, powered by 100% renewable energy.


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Aquacubes systems are the future of sustainable fish farming. They are futuristic in their design and technology, yet superior in their functionality and reliability. Aquacubes are also high utility, offering a wide range of benefits to fish farmers, including increased production capacity, reduced operational complexity, and reduced energy consumption.

The technology behind it all

Aquacubes is revolutionizing the way we farm fish. It's making it easier, more efficient, and more sustainable to produce the seafood we love.

We're designing the world's most advanced smart fish farming systems. Our systems use cutting-edge technology to automate and streamline every aspect of fish farming, from feeding to monitoring to harvesting.

This makes it easier than ever for new people to have access into the fish farming business.

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Why we’re here

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90% antibiotic use

in farmed fish. That is 80% more biomass consumption than humans and is not safe for our family

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50 Million tons wasted

fish every year due trawling and post harvest losses. Fresh fish is just hard to find.

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90% of wild fish

are overfished or completely depleted. Our ocean biodiversity is in danger. Microplastics and Mercury threatens human life

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Are you inspired, work with us?

Your next adventure awaits for you

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